ECS AMD690GM-M2 V1.0A Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

03-12-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The ECS board is in many respects similar to the ASUS board I reviewed at the AMD launch of the 690G chipset. The motherboard comes with the most bare of essentials in terms of bundle, as the board comes with a single SATA cable and a single IDE cable. Unfortunately, ECS also decided to limit the memory slots on the board, making this board a value board at best. Performance is in the same class as the previous 690G board as well, but the choice has to be nudged to the other board as this board is lacking on memory modules and accessories. The one bothersome aspect of the board is the location of the SATA ports. Any long video card like the upcoming R600 or 8800GTX may block more than one or two SATA ports making installing a SATA RAID array problematic.