ECS AMD690GM-M2 V1.0A Motherboard Review :: Introduction

03-12-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

With the recent release of the AMD 690G platform, AMD has cemented their leadership in the integrated video market with the other players in the market using 2 year old chips that are due to be replaced (GeForce 6100) or having so many problems with games that it is almost impossible to recommend their motherboard chipset (Intel GMA 3000.) Integrated graphics on the motherboard make up the vast majority of motherboard sales, as the market share numbers of Intel, NVIDIA and ATI suggest over the years.

Elite Computer Systems (ECS) is a Taiwanese manufacturer. They along with virtually every other motherboard manufacturer decided to make boards based upon ATI's new 690G chipset. Over 30 models have been announced, making it numerically an important board as it is the first AMD chipset in a very long time. The board on the test station today is the ECS AMD690GM-M2 V1.0A board.