ASUS P5B-E Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-06-2007 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

2006 has been an interesting year in computers, and 2007 looks to continue to be interesting. The merger between AMD and ATI has changed everything in the graphics and motherboard market and will result in the "Fusion" between the graphics card and the CPU on the same die in 2008 if all goes according to plan. But the vast majority of the market is centered on the Intel platform at the moment.

Intel released the LGA-775 platform in 2004 on the 925X and 915P motherboard platform with a host of new technologies including the PCI Express bus, the BTX motherboard standard, and High Definition Audio. They have subsequently released the 945P, the 955X, the 965P and G and the 975X chipsets bringing new features and CPU support for each new platform. ASUS manufactures motherboards on virtually every Intel motherboard chipset. The motherboard on the review bench today is the ASUS P5B-E based upon the Intel 965P chipset.