abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review :: abit NF2-M2 nView Specific Features

12-15-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

abit SoftMenu - Change the CPU settings through the BIOS without using jumpers. This feature allows up to 50% perfromance increase.

abit EQ - System monitor that monitors temperatures, voltages and frequencies

Silent Otes - Heatpipe technology dissipates heat from the chipset and conducts it to a highly effective heatsink without fan noise. The Northbridge is covered by a heatsink which has a heatpipe leading out to another heatsink When the board is in operation the heat is transferred to the other heatsink, cooling the NB and the CPU area.

abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review NB


abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review Heatsink


abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review Silent OTES

Silent OTES