abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

12-15-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

abit NF-M2 Motherboard Review

Positives of this board include the integrated graphics, dual monitors without the need for an external graphics card and support for the AMD Live digital home. While gamers will want to steer away from any integrated graphics on the market today, the home theater enthusiast will love the fact that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD content are supported out of the box with the integrated video the GeForce 6150 with PureVideo. The casual gamer wanting to run the new Windows Vista Operating System will find enough performance to run the Windows Aero Glass interface with the GeForce 6150 to warrant a look. And later, if you want better graphics you can upgrade to the latest AMD or NVIDIA card in your budget as the board comes with a PCI Express x16 slot.

I really enjoyed my time with the NF-M2 nView board as the board exhibited zero problems and was 100% stable. I have installed a TV Wonder 650 from AMD a 8800GTX from ASUS and used the computer as my primary gaming machine for over two weeks. Moving from the integrated graphics to a 8800GTX was a simple matter of plugging in the 8800GTX, disabling the onboard video and installing the latest drivers off NVIDIA's site.

The form factor on the board is a mini-ATX board, meaning you can fit it into almost any computer case barring the Small Form Factor XPC or other Mini-PC. The board has two PCI slots allowing you to upgrade the sound if you wish or add an additional add-in card for USB or Firewire ports. The negatives of this board include the total lack of PCI Express x1 slots, meaning newer devices will require another board. NVIDIA has stated publicly that they are working on an Intel IGP based upon G8x architecture. Whether they'll continue to offer integrated graphics for the AMD platform remains to be seen. What is clear is newer integrated graphics are required for all but the most basic Vista users but the GeForce 6150 integrated should run the new Vista Aero Glass GUI and is a fully featured DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3.0 part.