abit IL9 Pro Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

12-12-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

abit IL9 Pro Motherboard Review

The abit IL9 Pro is an interesting mix of a board. The board is not an enthusiast board but is available on Newegg for under $85, matching or lower than the price of some available 945P boards. The IL9 Pro is a good choice for those wanting an inexpensive Crossfire solution, as this board is one of the few 945 boards that support Crossfire, albeit at a x16, x4 configuration. Plus you get the abit name, which means you get high-quality board components for a stable system. In this respect, though the board does not warrant an award per se, the abit IL9 Pro is a good choice for the mainstream motherboard market looking for Crossfire compatibility without wanting to spend a lot of dough. The inclusion of a Parallel port, three PCI slots and a COM1 port is excellent for legacy devices, while the other, more modern expansion options are present as well. The one major negative of this board is the lack of a SATA RAID controller, which would have made this board more attractive to the end-user.