ECS KN3-SLI2 Extreme AM2 Motherboard Review :: BIOS and Overclocking

11-26-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

ECS uses a Phoenix AwardFlash Workstation BIOS with few modifications unique to ECS boards. The front screen is an ECS logo, which you can turn off in the BIOS under the Advanced Chipset menu. Other sections of the BIOS of interest include the CPU Feature (K8 Cool N Quiet enable/disable) and the Init Display option that normally gives you the choice of PCI or PCI Express. Unfortunately, every time I used the Init Display option to change it to PCI Express, the board would hard-lock.

The Voltage options on the board are varied and in the Frequency/Voltage Control areea of the board. The memory voltage can be set from 1.80V-2.20V in 0.1V increments. The Vid voltage can be set from 1.200V to 1.400V in 0.025V increments. You can also adjust the Northbridge, the NB to CPU HT core voltage and the SouthBridge Voltage.

I was able to overclock the Athlon 64 5000+ we use for AM2 motherboard testing to an amount of 2.88GHz without issue. A 10% overclock is decent for the CPU we use and makes clear why AMD didn't go over 3GHz as the CPUs aren't stable over 2.8GHz in most cases. Overclocking the FSB, lowering the multiplier and voltage was also successful.