abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review :: AB9 Pro BIOS and Overclocking

11-16-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The BIOS is the standard Phoenix Award BIOS we've all come to know and love for motherboards. abit has moved the tweaking options of the standard Award BIOS to their uGuru Utility page. There are two primary pages for the uGuru, the OC Guru and the abit EQ page. Let's cover each of these primary pages separately.

abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review BIOS chip

BIOS chip

The OC Guru is where you set your system overclock. By default the AB9 Pro overclocked the FSB of the 3.8GHz CPU by 4MHz, leaving a default clock speed of 3.876GHz instead of the 3.8 it normally rests at. The External clock is the Front Side Bus speed. The range of FSB speed is from 133MHz to 600 MHz in 1 MHz increments. The Multiplier setting is where you change the CPU multiplier. The lower limit on multiplier is from 14x to 60x. In practice 60x is impossible to achieve.

The CPU voltage can be set from 1.3250V to 1.7250V in 0.0250V increments. The DRAM voltage can be set from 1.75V to 2.50V in 0.05V (0.10V above 2.0V) increments. The PCI Express frequency can be set from 100-200MHz in 1MHz increments. The Northbridge voltage can be set from 1.25V to 1.45V in 0.010V increments. The Southbridge voltage can be eset from 1.50V to 1.70V in 0.05V increments.

The EQ section of the uGuru utility is where the fan speeds, the temperatures and the voltages are monitored. You can set the voltage monitoring to shut down or beep if it exceeds or goes under a certain threshold. You can also have an automatic shutdown if the CPU, System or PWM temperature rises above a certain temperature in the Temperature monitor area of the abit EQ. I was able to stably overclock the AB9 Pro with our 3.8GHz CPU to 4.18GHz, a 10% overclock. The board ran through testing without issue at that speed. I was also able to overclock the FSB to 350MHz stably, not the fastest I've ever seen, and surely not the slowest.

BIOS Screenshots

abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review
abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review
abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review
abit AB9 Pro Motherboard Review