EVGA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

11-14-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

EVGA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard Review

NVIDIA has started their takeover in the mobo-market and that shows them growing even further in their grasp of market share in the PC industry. Having strong partners is something that has a major impact on how well a company gets marketed, releases products and maintains positioning in a an ever changing PC world. NVIDIA's partners have changed recently, but many of the people who have worked with them traditionally are still up and running strong. We will see an influx of new motherboards from many people who have only made VGA cards in the past. On thing EVGA has though, is experience in this avenue of product as rival NVIDIA only partners XFX and BFG have almost no experience in this arena at all.

As far as the 680i goes, I liked what we saw here in the lab, as stability was excellent, and its design is quite nice as well. For those wanting an entirely NVIDIA based motherboard and VGA combination for the Intel platform, this is the hottest game in town at the moment. SLI was tested in the last few days of the motherboard review and we will have those scores and that review up later this week, needless to say two 8800GTX cards on the new 680i board was faster than even necessary where it was supported, ridiculously fast, but wow amazing rendered scenes and a beautiful picture was to behold. If you have the money and the want, the 680i and a pair of 8800GTX cards is the absolute fastest solution for PC gaming period.

As far as the speed of the motherboard, it was basically almost identical in standard performance as Intel's i975 chipset boards. Do not scoff at that statement, as Intel is long known for making the most robust and stable motherboard chipsets in the world, and that kind of comparison is downright flattery. It has much better than average overclocking options and getting stable results should prove easy even for the novice user. The motherboard has a very nice look to it as well and a black PCB is always a nice thing. From looks alone you will take a second glance at the EVGA 680i board, its cool array of chrome plated cooling fins gives it a high-tech, clean looking appeal that catches the eye.

Overall this motherboard is a strong beginning for your Intel Quad-Core and SLI based system. NVIDIA and EVGA have done an outstanding job getting this to market. My only complaint that I have is the on-board sound, I mean why make this badass board and use that cheesy Realtek audio chipset when the ADI solution is what NVIDIA started using in the 570 series high-end motherboards. Instead of a solid 100% I have to give it a 95% as ADI has a much better solution to offer for embedded hardware audio, especially for anyone who cares about their audio quality, like gamers and audiophiles. This is the only chink in their design armor; a design that is in every other aspect is top notch. EVGA has the best warranty and support of any company and when you buy their product you buy a piece of them as they are there to support you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Everyone who is in the know, knows that most of these boards are made at the same place as NVIDIA's initial reference design left no loopholes in it for design changes so what you get when you buy from EVGA is just that EVGA themselves. If you are not stuck on a name just for names sake, try the EVGA 680i SLI board and I am sure you will have a pleasant experience. I give the company not just the product an Editors Choice!