ASUS M2R32 MVP Crossfire Motherboard Review :: M2R32 MVP Crossfire Bundle

10-17-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • ASUS M2R32-MVP motherboard
  • Back Plate
  • 2-port USB cable
  • 2 SATA cables
  • SATA Power Cable
  • Q-Connector
  • IDE Cable
  • FDD cable
  • User Guide

ASUS decided to go with a minimalist approach to the hardware bundle for the ASUS M2R32-MVP board. Two SATA cables, a SATA power cable is good enough for half of the available SATA ports on the board. The 2-port USB bracket brings the total included with the board to 6, a respectable number. The Q-Connector is a cool idea, allowing the user to extend the FP IO to allow users to use shorter cables from the case and easier access to the connectors.

ASUS M2R32 MVP Crossfire Motherboard Review Hardware bundle

Hardware bundle

ASUS M2R32 MVP Crossfire Motherboard Review Driver CD+ Manual

Driver CD+ Manual

ASUS M2R32 MVP Crossfire Motherboard Review Utilities


ASUS M2R32 MVP Crossfire Motherboard Review PC Probe

PC Probe

The Driver CD contains the drivers for the motherboard. They should be installed in sequence from top to bottom. I wish ASUS had included an Install-All application, as I prefer that to installing 8 drivers. Also on the driver CD are ASUS's motherboard apps, including ASUS's PC Probe II, ATI's WEBPAM, ASUS Update (to update the drivers and BIOS with the click of a button), Microsoft's DirectX 9.0c, Norton's Internet Security 2006 and the Marvell Yukon Virtual Cable Tester. Norton's Internet Security includes Norton's Anti-Virus program and their Personal Firewall. Marvell's VCT program detects if your LAN cable is functioning and attached to the RJ-45 port.