GIGABYTE 965P-DS3 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

10-09-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

GIGABYTE 965P-DS3 Motherboard Review

The first foray into the Intel 965 world has left me with a few very good positives. First, performance seems to have increased over earlier chipsets, due to the new memory controller. Second plus of the new chipset is the new South Bridge, the ICH8R. GIGABYTE decided to take the chipset and make a good board out if it. There are a variety of boards being offered by GIGABYTE on this and the new G965 (with integrated video) chipset.

Feature-wise, the board doesn't score 40 points on the chart, as the GA-965P DS3 doesn't support multiple graphics cards, as a true Gamer board would do, or Wireless Networking out of the box. Another minor flaw is the lack of Firewire support whether in the form of a bracket or even a header for Firewire. Buttressing these is the reasonable price you can find this board for online, and excellent overclocking capabilities and Gigabyte's commitment to their new marketing campaign. GIGABYTE has redefined their marketing to push the Ss. The GA-965P DS3 has most of the features that I would want from an Intel motherboard. I really like the design of the board, with the solid capacitors a definite plus.