Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 Motherboard Review :: Gigabyte Special Features

09-29-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun


  1. GIGABYTE Silent-pipe Technology provide extreme silence solution with a fanless heat pipe. Effectively transfer heat from the most intensive area by connecting CPU, Power MOS to Chipset. Overclocking with no noise is also enjoyable
  2. Crazy Cool Cool down the CPU block of the motherboard effectively via GIGABYTE Crazy Cool and achieve the goal of great thermal distribution


  1. GIGABYTE decided to include two BIOS's on the board, allowing for hassle-free BIOS updating without worry about a BIOS crash.
  2. 2 BIOS Settings recovery Safe CMOS settings recovery
  3. HDD S.M.A.R.T.- HDD Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
  4. Corporate Online Manager- LAN utility for administratiors
  5. Xpress Recovery 2- Quick system image backup and restore
  6. PC Health Moniotr- System health monitor via BIOS and EEasyTune


  1. Download Center- Smart driver selection and dlownload from Gigabyte's website
  2. Xpress Install- One click driver install
  3. Smart LAN- BIOS check of LAN cable connection status
  4. @BIOS/Q-Flash- Internet update of BIOS
  5. Boot Menu- Select boot device without entering BIOS setup
  6. Smart Fan- Make your system cooler and quieter


  1. Easy Tune 5 and M.I.T. (Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker)- Wide range of CPU/PCI/Memory frequency and voltage settings
  2. R.G.B.- Robust Graphics Booster-Improve graphics performance


  1. Allows the use of two video cards to improve gaming performance in games that have a profile.

GIGABYTE calls their board the GA-M59SLI-S5. The GA stands for GIGABYTE. M59SLI stands for Motherboard 590 SLI chipset. S5 stands for Silent-Pipe, SLI, Speed, Smart, and Safe. SilentPipe is the Heat Pipe cooling system. SLI allows two video cards to work together to improve performance. EasyTune 5 is GIGABYTE's overclocking utility for the Speed. The Smart comes from GIGABYTE's one click driver install, Windows BIOS Flash, Smart LAN, BOOT Menu and Smart Fan. Safe stands for the Dual-BIOS, BIOS Setting Recoverable, HDD SMART, Xpress Recovery 2 and PC Health Monitor.