MSI K9A Platinum Motherboard Review :: MSI K9A Platinum Bundle

08-31-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun
  • 4X SATA cables
  • SATA Power cable
  • 2 port USB Bracket
  • Driver CD
  • Round IDE Cable
  • Round Floppy Drive Cable
  • 1x IEEE-1394 Bracket
  • Back Plate

MSI is not selling this product in the United States at this moment. Their Taiwanese website has the K9A Platinum listed and it is also listed on the MSI Turkish website. After speaking with MSI PR I was informed that this motherboard would hit retail in the next few weeks. As the product has not hit retail, I'm only going by what's on their website for the bundle. The actual retail bundle may differ.

The box came with four SATA cables, enough to use each port on the K9A Platinum motherboard. A single SATA power cable is included meaning that if you need more power cables it either has to come from the power supply or an additional purchase. A single Firewire bracket brings the total Firewire ports on the board to two. A 2-port USB 2.0 bracket brings the total USB ports on the board to 6, with 10 supported by the chipset.