FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review :: Foxconn AM2 Layout

07-19-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The layout of the board is ok in most respects with a few exceptions. The placement of the 8-pin power connector is slightly troublesome. The location of the 8 pin power connector is below the CPU cooling location. This means that the 8-pin power cord needs to be snaked around the CPU cooler if a larger than normal CPU cooler is employed. The 24-pin power connector is on the lower edge of the motherboard, the normal placement.

FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review South Bridge fan

South Bridge fan

FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review 8-pin power connector

8-pin power connector

The memory slots are right below the CPU cooling area. In fact, with the AVC cooler we use in testing, the removal and insertion of memory sticks in the top slot required the removal of the CPU cooler first. We have some tall Corsair memory that requires the CPU cooler to be removed before installing as it's taller than the cooler. The South Bridge is cooled by a 7-fin cooling fan. One problem I have is the location of the South Bridge right under where the top video card slot. In the past, NVIDIA chips have gotten notorious for running extremely hot; placement of a hot running video card on top of this might lead to problems.

FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review LED


FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review USB headers

USB headers

FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review TI IEEE-1394 chip

TI IEEE-1394 chip

FOXCONN C51XEM2AA AM2 Motherboard Review Power Reset buttons

Power Reset buttons

FOXCONN put a LED with error codes on the back of the 2nd PCI Express x16 slot. A FF signal means all is well and the system is operating normal. On a boot attempt, the LED will flash through the various numbers. If the LED stops on a number, the showed number is an indicator where the likely problem with the board lies. Two USB headers are present, bringing the total on the board to 10 with two USB brackets. A Firewire header is also present bringing the total to 3 supported on the board. One nice feature on this board is the inclusion of Power and Reset buttons, allowing the user to power on the board without attaching the requisite wires.