ECS KA3-MVP Extreme Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

07-11-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

ECS KA3-MVP Extreme Motherboard Review

ECS has done a good job with its KA3-MVP Crossfire motherboard. It's one of the first ATI-based motherboards released for the AM2 platform. Because the memory controller on the AMD CPUs is on the CPU and not the chipset, performance differences between different chipsets are small, making the choice of motherboard purchase based upon whether you want SLI or Crossfire platforms. Feature-wise, the ECS KA3-MVP motherboard includes the ability to Crossfire two ATI cards, 7 SATA devices, a Gigabit Ethernet controller, and two Firewire ports. The minimal expansion on the board is a bit disappointing, but the multiple SATA devices on a single port make for an excellent new feature as more and more devices move to SATA.