ECS KA3-MVP Extreme Motherboard Review :: KA3-MVP Extreme BIOS and Overclocking

07-11-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

One nice thing about ECS motherboards is the inclusion of a "Top Hat" BIOS recovery tool. If for some reason the BIOS gets corrupted, simply put the Top Hat over the BIOS chip and boot the computer. This works great if you have a bad BIOS flash or can't boot to the POST screen for some reason this can save your bacon. I haven't had any problems with the KA3-MVP, but I have had to use Top Hat on another ECS board in the past.

ECS KA3-MVP Extreme Motherboard Review Top-Hat Flash

Top-Hat Flash

The ECS board uses a Phoenix Award Workstation BIOS. The CPU Voltage can be modified from 0.55V to 0.7625V in 0.0125V steps and from 0.775V to 1.350V in 0.25V steps. Memory voltage can be modified +0.05V to +0.35V in 0.05V steps. North Bridge Voltage can be set from normal, +0.05V +0.10V and 0.15V. HyperTransport Voltage can be set as normal, +0.05V, +0.10V and +0.15V. The CPU FSB can be set from 200MHz-500MHz in 1MHz increments.

Overclocking on the board was an ok experience. I was able to set the FSB to 220MHz with a voltage increase but it wasn't stable. The FSB was completely stable at 210MHz, and the board showed a decent overclock. It'll be interesting to see if a CPU like a 3000+ shows up for the AM2 platform with excellent overclocking potential. The FX-62 we tested for the AM2 platform launch also overclocked successfully 10%, a better overclock.