Sapphire Pure CrossFire Motherboard Review :: Introduction

04-21-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

ATI entered the chipset market in early 2001 with their RADEON IGP320 chipset. The first ATI chipset was based upon a integrated RADEON 7000 video card. The motherboard was a moderate success, with a few OEM wins based on the IGP320 making it into retail computers. Later examples of ATI motherboards include the 9100 IGP based upon DirectX 8.1 RADEON 9000 and the Xpress 200 motherboard.

Sapphire Pure CrossFire Motherboard Review Box Open shot

Box Open shot

Modern high-end motherboard chipsets have as one of their primary considerations the ability to use two video cards to improve gaming performance. NVIDIA introduced their SLI chipset in late 2004 along with the nForce4 Ultra and nForce4 chipsets. ATI's response to SLI was the Xpress 200 chipset with Crossfire. Sapphire Tech is a long-time maker of video cards based upon ATI chipsets. The first Sapphire card I saw was a Sapphire Toxic X800 video card back in 2004. Sapphire first entered the motherboard market with their PE-IC7RC410 motherboard. Today, they have several motherboards based upon ATI's RADEON Xpress 1600 (ex 200) and 3200 chipsets. I'm reviewing the Pure Crossfire PC-A9RD580 motherboard.