GIGABYTE GA-G1975X Turbo Motherboard Review :: Introduction

04-09-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Motherboard chipsets have come and gone in the last couple of years since Intel introduced the 925X and 915G/P chipsets in the Spring of 2004. Intel has released the 945, 955X and 975X chipsets. Today, the 975X chipset is the high-end of Intel's lineup, with the 945G being the mainstream chipset.

GIGABYTE GA-G1975X Turbo Motherboard Review Open Box

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GIGABYTE is one of the Tier-1 motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan. Founded in 1989, GIGABYTE makes motherboards, CD-ROMs, video cards and other computer equipment. In the past I've used GIGABYTE motherboards in my main computer and video cards as well. GIGABYTE is one of those companies that deliver solid products for the enthusiast. Today I'm looking at GIGABYTE's newest offerings, the G1-Turbo GA-G1975X motherboard. It is based upon the Intel 975X chipset and has a few special features that almost no other board has like Creative SB Live integrated audio, should prove to be an interesting review.