EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review :: BIOS and Overclocking

03-13-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The EVGA nForce4 for Intel SLI motherboard comes with a standard Phoneix Award BIOS that is commonplace on many motherboards today. The BIOS is where you can overclock your system, adjust memory settings, and change the voltage and more. EVGA modified the Award BIOS slightly by having the overclock settings in the Power User Overclock Settings section of the BIOS. Thermal Throttling options can be set in the Thermal Throttling area of the BIOS. This is to prevent damage to the CPU if the CPU overheats by throttling the CPU speed.

EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review

From the Power User Overclock Settings area you can overclock your system. The FSB range is from 790MHz-1300MHz, a wide range for the power overclocker. The DDR2 memory can be clocked from 400-1300. PCI Express frequency can be changed in this menu from 100-148.1325MHz. Unlocked CPUs can change the Multiplier in this menu as well. VCC1.4 voltage has a range from 1.4V-1.8V. Memory voltage can be set from 1.8V-2.2V. As you can see a wide variety of settings for the user are available.

I was able to overclock our Intel 670 CPU to 4.12GHz with little issue on the EVGA motherboard. This is a 10% overclock, not the greatest in the world, but a decent overclock due to the CPU we use for overclocking. Stability of the board is excellent running Memtest and SuperPi for several hours without a crash. One thing to keep in mind with installation is to install a single video card in the middle slot, or else you only get x8 performance.