EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review :: The Retail Bundle

03-13-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Package Contents

  • EVGA nForce4 for Intel SLI motherboard Part #133-P4-NF51-AX
  • Game Port
  • 4 Rounded SATA cables
  • 2 IDE cables
  • SATA Driver Floppy disk
  • Driver CD
  • Manual

The bundle on the EVGA 133-P4-NF51-AX is enough to get you started, but nothing out of the ordinary. The inclusion of all four SATA cables is a welcome addition, as many manufacturers will include only one or maybe two cables. Rounded IDE cables for the CD-ROM or IDE drives is another thing I like to see in a motherboard bundle. Some manufacturers will force you to make a SATA driver floppy off the Driver CD, but EVGA includes the SATA driver on a floppy. No need to hunt for a floppy disk as its included. Rounding out the hardware bundle is a Game Port bracket.

EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review SLI Bridge

SLI Bridge

EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review Hardware Bundle

Hardware Bundle

EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review Driver CD+User's Manual

Driver CD+User's Manual

Software wise the motherboard comes with the drivers and that's all. Most motherboard manufacturers include antivirus software or a hard drive partitioning program, but EVGA decided not to. Offsetting the software is their excellent support. EVGA is the only motherboard manufacturer to back their boards with a Lifetime warranty for the retail motherboards. In other words, if you have a problem with the motherboard a few years after purchase it is still under warranty. Most motherboards come with a one or two year warranty, with 3 being the norm. The second thing I'd like to applaud EVGA for doing with their motherboards is Toll-Free Technical Support 24/7.