EVGA nForce4 133-P4-NF51-AX Motherboard Review :: Introduction

03-13-2006 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Computers today have evolved quite a lot since the first Intel PC back in 1986. Two companies, Intel and AMD dominate the computer market with Apple being a niche market. Over the last few years AMD has controlled the enthusiast market. The Intel motherboard market is dominated by Intel, as they make the CPUs and motherboard chipsets that support their CPUs and is one of the biggest companies in the computer business.

3DFX introduced SLI (Scan Line Interface) in 1997 with the introduction of the Voodoo 2 SLI. For the gamer back then there was no better solution than 2 cards working together. Gaming at 1024x768 was a dream. Unfortunately, 3DFX went bankrupt in December of 2000. Dual video cards fell out of favor until very recently. NVIDIA reintroduced the concept of dual cards with their nForce4 for SLI chipset in late 2004. Today, few hardcore enthusiasts buy systems without SLI or the equivalent from ATI, Crossfire.

EVGA builds motherboards, video cards and other computer components. Their support really rocks, as they offer a Lifetime Warranty, a Trade-Up program (Step-Up) and Toll-Free Technical Support 24/7. EVGA concentrates mostly on NVIDIA-based video cards, but has recently entered the motherboard market as well with their nForce3 250Gb and nForce4 motherboards. Today EVGA has entered the Intel motherboard market with their nForce4 for Intel SLI motherboard which I'm reviewing here. The part number of the board is 133-P4-NF51-AX.