GIGABYTE GA-K8N51PVMT-9 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

11-15-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

One thing NVIDIA is known for is excellent graphics performance and motherboard chipsets. When you combine the best motherboard chipset with a good integrated graphics core like the 6150, the combination can be unbeatable. At the moment, the integrated solution from NVIDIA outshines the competition by having support for SM 3.0 (Pixel and Vertex Shader), and High Dynamic Range Lighting.

Integrated graphics have come a long way from the days when the only choice was the Virge3D from S3. ATI's Xpress 200 chipset has similar features to NVIDIA's without support for SM 3.0. Unfortunately, I don't have an Xpress 200 motherboard I can directly compare the 6150 to. The NVIDIA chipset is perfect for those looking for a business class motherboard.

The GIGABYTE GA-K8N51PVMT-9 board is an excellent board for the mainstream market. As of this moment, I can't find this board on Newegg nor Pricewatch, making price comparisons hard to do. Other 6150 boards retail under $100, making this board if it falls in this price range an excellent purchase, especially for those wanting basic 3D graphics capabilities. If you want a better performer, get an SLI or an SLI X16 board, but for business and those not seeking a high-end gaming machine this might just be the E ticket.