Asus P5LD2-VM Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

11-02-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

From my perspective, the integrated graphics on the Intel 945G chipset is not adequate for gaming. For kicks, I fired up Quake4 and F.E.A.R to try it out with the GMA950. At 800X600, the games were slideshows. For the business user, however, the integrated graphics are perfect. After all, no business owner wants his/her employees to be playing computer games when they are supposed to be working.

If you combine this motherboard with an inexpensive Celeron CPU or Pentium 4 CPU and Value RAM, you can have an excellent computer for the average consumer. After all, most people use the computer for surfing the Internet, reading documents and don't necessarily need super-fast ATI X1800XT or GEFORCE 7800GTX video cards and 3.2GHz Dual Core CPUs for everyday use. For this segment of the market the ASUS P5LD2-VM is a perfect fit.

The ASUS P5DL2-VM board is an interesting contrast. At a retail price of $109, this board is excellent for the consumer looking for a low-priced, high performance board. Feature-wise it's an ok board, with the noticeable absence of a RAID controller and SLI. Otherwise, the board has all of the features you would want from an Intel based motherboard today. I want to thank our sponsors at Directron whose website is at this link for providing the P5DL2-VM for review.