EPoX 9NPA + SLI Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

09-16-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

From a features standpoint, EPoX's 9NPA+ SLI has it in spades. SLI is a big seller among the high-end enthusiast market today, with over 2 million SLI motherboards sold so far (NVIDIA's latest conference call). It's hard to imagine buying a motherboard today with a single graphics card and if you're looking for a purchase of an AMD platform motherboard, the SLI ones are hard to beat. The EPoX 9NPA+ scored a 39 on our features chart, gaining 4 points for SLI support.

The 9NPA+ SLI board is a pretty good board, with only a few issues with the layout. Otherwise, if you're looking for an AMD Athlon 64 motherboard today, SLI is really the only choice. The competition to SLI (ATI's Crossfire boards) haven't hit the market as of yet. Other motherboard chipsets from companies like VIA and SIS just don't have the presence on the market or the features that SLI provides at the moment.