Abit AN8 SLI Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

08-04-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

From my point of view, the nForce4 SLI chipset is the top of the line in motherboards for the AMD Athlon 64 platform at the moment and is starting to dominate the Intel platform as well. Feature-wise it has no peer with hardware support for SATA2, SLI, 10 USB ports and more. Performance-wise the AN8-SLI was the fastest motherboard I've seen pass my way on the test station in everything but Sysmark 2004. That's a pretty good indicator of a good motherboard and something sure to please the enthusiast crowd.

For the overclocker, the AN8-SLI has a ton of options including their uGURU chip and the nVTweaker for NVIDIA nForce4 motherboards. I will say the AN8-SLI impressed me as its options actually functioned and were easy to use and figure out. Beginning overclockers will find themselves with a board that they can get actual results from and serious overclockers will have a ton of setting to tinker with for extreme results. There are a couple minor negatives to the board, however. First is the placement of the floppy drive connector. Second the inclusion of the AudioMax sound card, necessitated by the Q-OTES cooling solution in order to audio input/output jacks is a bit of an oddity. But those problems are minor nitpicks, as overall this is one excellent motherboard that easily falls into the winners circle propelling it to an Editor's Choice product.