eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review :: Layout

08-08-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Layout of the board is generally excellent. I particularly liked the fact that eVGA did not block any of the memory slots with any of the three full-length PCI Express slots. That means if you decide to replace the memory on your board, you can do so without removing the video card as many boards require. The clearance around the CPU socket is ok, although many after-market cooling solutions may have trouble fitting if they expand too much past the CPU bracket area.

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Chipset Fan

Chipset Fan

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review 4-pin Power

4-pin Power

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review 24-pin Power

24-pin Power

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review IDE and Floppy

IDE and Floppy

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Power and Reset

Power and Reset

The placement of the 24-pin power connector is especially nice. The position allows easy removal of the power connector without having to mess with IDE cables. The IDE cables are positioned next to the 24-pin power connector along with the floppy drive connector. The positioning is excellent, as you don't require a long IDE cable to reach your drives.

eVGA supplies a heat sink fan covering the nForce4 chip. The 4-pin power connector is above the CPU area, allowing for easy access for the cable without blocking airflow of the CPU or requiring the cable to snake around the CPU cooler to reach it. eVGA provides a power and reset button on the board, allowing the tweaker to operate the board outside of the case.

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review LCD


eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review USB Headers

USB Headers

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Clear CMOS

Clear CMOS

eVGA includes a LCD for errors on bootup. I find this method very efficient as it can give you a clue as to what a possible problem is with a board, like video, CPU, memory, HDD etc. The Clear CMOS jumper is positioned right under the BIOS chip, allowing for easy reset of the BIOS when necessary. Under the BIOS chip 3 USB 2.0 headers are positioned. The headers bring the total supported USB 2.0 devices on the board to 10.


  • eVGA nForce4 Standard Motherboard
  • 2 Rounded IDE cables
  • 1 Rounded Floppy Cable
  • 2 SATA cables
  • 2 SATA power cables
  • 2-way Molex power cable
  • Floppy SATA Driver Disk
  • Driver CD
  • Back Plate

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Bundle


eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Rounded SATA Cables

Rounded SATA Cables

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review SATA Power Cables

SATA Power Cables

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review SATA Cables

SATA Cables

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Back Plate

Back Plate

Hardware-wise the eVGA nForce4 Standard comes with enough hardware to get you started. The inclusion of rounded cables for the IDE cables is a huge plus in my book. Clutter in a case bothers me as a consumer. The wide 80-wire IDE cables can be a mess if you aren't careful. With rounded cables, there's less clutter and eVGA color-coded them to match the motherboard. eVGA includes 2 SATA cables and a power cable for the SATA drive, better than some bundles worse than others (I prefer to have the motherboard include the same number of SATA cables as the board supports).

eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review Software


Software-wise, the board comes with a SATA driver floppy, allowing for easy installation on a Windows XP OS. The Driver CD is sparse in every respect, having the drivers, Adobe Acrobat Reader and that's it. Most motherboard manufacturers include anti-virus software, drive duplication or backup software and other software. eVGA included just the driver. eVGA warranty is 1 year+1 year if you register the motherboard within a year. Recently, eVGA released a new warranty program for their video cards. eVGA now offers a lifetime warranty for all video cards released after July 22nd. Hopefully, they'll extend this to their motherboards as well.