eVGA nForce 4 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

08-08-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

eVGA is one of the top manufacturers of NVIDIA video cards on the market today. If NVIDIA releases a new video chipset, eVGA is likely to have a video card based upon it. Founded 6 years ago (If you haven't yet, I would suggest entering eVGA's 6th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt with a lot of cool prizes including full SLI systems), eVGA is known for quality products, excellent service and their unique Step-Up program for video cards.

In any event, I digress. NVIDIA entered the motherboard chipset market in 2001 with the release of the nForce chipset. Today NVIDIA is the number one chipset manufacturer of AMD Athlon 64 motherboards. Late last year NVIDIA released the nForce4 SLI, the nForce4 Ultra and the nForce4 chipsets for the AMD platform. They've had a lot of success with this chipset, selling well over a million nForce4 SLI chipsets in the first fiscal quarter of 2006.nForce4 SLI motherboards tend to be the most feature-rich, highest performing motherboard chipsets on the market. eVGA started selling their own branded motherboards last year with the nForce3 250Gb series. This is a review of the eVGA nForce4 Standard motherboard.