ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

06-24-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Tulatin

In the end, our impressions of the Fatal1ty AA8XE are mixed. On one hand you have the OTES cooling for both mofsets and ram, the attractive colour scheme, and the kick ass surround lighting. On the other hand however, we run into a seeming lack of features on this motherboard. Considering its price within the upper echelons of its class, it's largely lacking in storage capabilities - at least another four SATA ports or two IDE channels would have been nice. While these aesthetic boosts and minor quibbles clash, we're still offset by the issues the OTES shroud can cause, but in the end we have to look at the target audience. Considering this motherboard is made for gamers and overclockers alike - a niche market which demands performance and looks, the extras (and extra costs) are well worth it. For the average user however, this motherboard is a little much for what it costs. Thus, we come to the conclusion that if you need to go fast and look your best, look to the Fatal1ty - you won't be disappointed.

ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE Motherboard Review