Albatron PX925X Pro-R Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

05-16-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Albatron has made a decent board out of Intel's 925X chipset with the 925X Pro-R. The addition of SATA RAID and IDE RAID to the standard 925X chipset makes this one of the better 925X appointed boards on the market. If you are looking for a board to use your new LGA-775 800MHz CPU with this could be a decent choice. If you need a board for the new 1066MHz Extreme Edition CPUs, I would suggest a 925XE board. Of course, with the introduction of the 955X chipset and dual-core CPUs the 925X is a bit long in the tooth.

What you don't get with this board is a lot of the extras you would expect from a big company like Asus or Gigabyte with their Deluxe boards. The performance on this board is kind of middle-of the road for this day and age. The board is not the fastest board on the block, but not the slowest either. At the end of the day, I am mostly satisfied with the Albatron 925X Pro-R motherboard. The idea of the Watchdog utility resetting the computer when you overclock too high is a good one. If you asked me last year at the Intel LGA-775 CPU launch, I might suggest a 925X motherboard. Today, I prefer the 955X chipset for upgradeability (1066MHz FSB, Dual-Core) and performance compared to the 925X.