Albatron PX925X Pro-R Motherboard Review :: Introduction

05-16-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Albatron was founded in 1984 as CHUN Corporation, and they started out making a line of high resolution TVs. Since 1984, the company has made various televisions, monitors and other devices. In 2002, CHUN changed their name officially to Albatron and started motherboard, graphics card and other computer device divisions.

Intel announced the new Socket T (LGA-775) standard in the middle of last year along with the 925X and 915G chipsets to support the new standard. Hosts of new technologies were also introduced for the first time including the PCI Express bus, the BTX form-factor, DDR2 memory and others. Late last year Intel also introduced the 1066MHz FSB CPUs necessitating a new chipset the 925XE. This review is on the Albatron PX-925X Pro-R motherboard based upon the 925X chipset from Intel. Albatron has also announced a product based upon Intel's 925XE chipset, to support 1066MHz FSB CPUs, but this is not that board.