ECS 915P-A Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-14-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Elite Computer Systems has been around making motherboards and other computer equipment for the last 17 years, being founded in 1987. That is a pretty long time in computer history, as companies like NVIDIA weren't around and Microsoft hadn't even released Windows 95. ECS delivered over 24 million motherboards in 2002, and ECS is one of the top motherboard makers in the world. As of 2003, ECS was the 12th biggest computer component manufacturer in the world.

Intel announced their new LGA-775 (Socket T) CPUs earlier this year in July. They announced two new motherboard chipsets at the same time, the 925 and the 915 chipsets. These introduced many new features including PCI Express Graphics, the BTX form-factor (which is just now making it to systems), integrated DirectX 9.0 graphics cores (in the form of GMA900), and DDR2 memory, which replaced DDR memory.

ECS announced motherboards that supported the 915 and 925 chipsets at the same time that Intel announced them. But what about the people that want to upgrade to the new Pentium 4 CPUs without giving up their AGP card? Or what about those that want to use their relatively inexpensive DDR memory on a motherboard and want to upgrade later? That's where the ECS 915P-A comes in.