ASUS P5AD2-E Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-06-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Innovation is what keeps the ball rolling in the PC world and new technology breeds new products and hence more sales for the industry. Intel and AMD are in a constant battle to see who can bring to the table the fastest CPUs and chipsets, and in turn the major players in the industry gear up to begin the manufacturing process so we consumers can have the latest toys in our hands as well. Asus is a company that is always in the lead when it comes to having new product ready for market as they are still the number one player in the PC game and therefore have the most partners in the industry. Usually if there is a new chipset from any company worth mentioning, Asus has a board to represent it regardless of how relevant that chipset may be to the masses. Combine that with always pioneering the way for new technology and you have just a few ingredients of the recipe for success that has paved the way for Asus.

ASUS P5AD2-E Motherboard Review Chipset Graph

Chipset Graph

Intel's 915/925 chipset launch got swallowed up in the cracks this last year as the people just were not ready it seems to embrace all the new changes in the Intel's latest platform. I have always been an Intel system user due to its robust multitasking ability, and even I did not jump onto the new LGA775 platform like I have with every other Intel release. The reasons were many, but needless to say I have come around as I have seen how fast a properly configured 925XE system can be when combined with a high-end VGA card. When Intel released the 925XE chipset the people seemed to be more accepting of change and from the results I have seen a few heads have turned in favor of the new platform even though AMD's FX-55 and NF4 show stronger test scores in many areas. The new Asus P5AD2-E is the flagship motherboard for their Pentium LGA775 line and it offers many features that make it a very coveted board for fans of Intel's new 925XE LGA775 platform.