Soltek SL-K8TPro-939 Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

11-30-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By John Chen

SOLTEK offered great performance through their low cost motherboards and continues their trend with the SL-K8TPro-939. The board is abundant in features, offering the latest 8-channel sound, Gigabit LAN plenty of RAID features, and providing top notch performance that rivals the better known/larger manufacturers. The only lacking quality of this Socket 939 motherboard would be the BIOS options. This can be easily remedied through a BIOS update, which I was unable to do since their website was down during the motherboard testing process.

The best quality about the SL-K8TPro-939 would be stability. I encountered no stability issues whatsoever. The benchmarks ran through fine without a hiccup. The board detected the new Athlon64 4000+ properly and did not require a BIOS update, a problem I encountered while testing the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum. SOLTEK has earned itself a good recommendation for enthusiasts who want the absolute top notch performance and stability. Overclocking enthusiasts will probably have to turn elsewhere with the lack of BIOS options. Nonetheless, their offering for the Socket 939 platform is a real competitor in this arena.