Soltek SL-K8TPro-939 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

11-30-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By John Chen

AMD's release of the 64-bit processors was indeed revolutionary, but the lack of dual channel bandwidth was considered to be a step backwards. The performance was great, but it forced people to work under a slow bottlenecking single channel environment. Fortunately AMD was quick to react. The newly released Socket 939 CPUs provided dual channel support and boosted system performance significantly.

Motherboards and chipsets were quickly released to accommodate these new CPUs, but there seem to be very few choices. Currently, there are at least 2 chipsets that can be used to manufacture Socket 939 motherboards, but motherboard companies are only focusing on one chipset for the 939 solution. MSI seems to be the only maker to take advantage of using both chipsets to offer enthusiasts some variety. Like most of the motherboard manufacturers, SOLTEK uses the VIA K8T800 Pro for the motherboard's source of horsepower, resulting with the SOLTEK SL-K8TPro-939.

SOLTEK is not a very well known company here in the US and they seem to be more popular over at Europe and Asia. But that doesn't mean that their products are considered to be inferior. In fact, I know many AMD owners who prefer their yellow SL-75FRN2 motherboards over any other brand. I've personally used one myself, and did like it, but the BIOS options were a bit lacking. But what can you really expect from a low budget motherboard? Hopefully this new low budget Socket 939 motherboard offers much more.