AOpen n250a-FR Motherboard Review :: Conclusion

11-22-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

It's been an interesting year and 2 months since AMD released the Athlon 64 CPU. Computing, as we know it has changed with the introduction of the 939 platform and PCI Express. But not everyone can afford an Athlon 64 CPU and new motherboard to support it. While the hardcore gamer is waiting for nForce 4 SLI and will likely buy a FX-55 or 4000+ to go with it, the normal computer user doesn't need to spend all that power.

People in the market for a motherboard for their Sempron or older Athlon 64 will look for a board like the a250 from AOpen. The features of this motherboard are inline with what you'd expect from an Socket 754 nForce3 based motherboard today. Performance is middle of the road for Socket 754 boards. The negatives of the board include only one SATA cable and the placement of the 12V power connector. I wish AOpen had spent a little more time with the hardware bundle but that's just me.