Intel D925XECV2 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

01-25-2005 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Intel's latest venture into the mainstream PC arena seems to be on more level footing than its predecessors. The now fledging 915 and 925 chipset boards that first introduced us all to the LGA775 platform, which many felt was too different form the old school standard was welcomed with a lukewarm response from the desktop user group. Response has been a bit better with the introduction of the 925XE chipset and that can help Intel gain back some momentum in the desktop arena.

Intel D925XECV2 Motherboard Review 925XE Chipset

925XE Chipset

After reviewing the Asus P5AD2-E I was really impressed with what could be done with the new 925XE chipset so I then went back into the lab to tests Intel's name brand motherboard for this same platform. Not as many of the features will be as fleshed out as some of the enthusiast boards when it comes to Intel's brand, as they concentrate on compatibility and stability before trying to put the most goodies on their boards. This is not to say that Intel's boards are barren just limited as far as extras go. What you will get with Intel is a brand name that can be trusted to provide a board that is functional and soundly engineered.

Intel D925XECV2 Motherboard Review Chipset Diagram

Chipset Diagram

AMD at the moment has the jump on Intel as far as SLI based graphics are concerned and teaming up with NVIDIA seems to have panned out for them in that venue. Never fear though, Intel may be back a step but when they launch their SLI later next month along with their next generation CPU that will be capable of 64-bit computing. Something to note is that right as they go 64 Microsoft will be releasing their 64-bit operating system to the masses at almost the same time. AMD may lose the slight edge they have had over Intel if Intel can get focused and stay on track without faltering. For now let's take a look at the D925XECV2, Intel's first launch into their new 1066MHz realm and see what it is all about.