Foxconn 925A01-8EKRS2 Motherboard Review :: Introduction

11-03-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

FOXCONN has been making parts and silicon for many of the top tier manufacturers we all know and respect so it is no wonder they have jumped into the retail market in an effort to increase name branding under the company's own banner. This is probably a smart move for them as they are already making product so why not just make their own brand as well. The thing is that although they have a lot of experience making products off other engineer's designs, how well their engineers design boards can have a major affect on the finished product. The only other way around engineering your own board is to have someone else do it for you and that may be a road they eventually travel down.

Intel has recently taken on quite the beating from the folks over in the AMD camp and this is a market first as traditionally, Intel is the leader of the pack. Intel still has the name that people trust, but how long will this continue to be the trend is up in the air at the moment as AMD pushes the way for new 64-bit technology. The LGA775 platform in general got off on the wrong foot, and Intel is trying to find balance with their new chipset and platform as the market grows to meet the demands of PCI-X and DDR2 memory. This is the first review we have yet done for this company and this is the first of three boards we will be reviewing from them and all are based on the Intel LGA775 platform. We received two i915 boards and one i925X board with the differences mainly being in the feature sets of each said board. We took a look at the 8EKRS2 first as it has gotten the most media attention so far to date.