ECS KV2 Extreme Review :: Setup and BIOS

09-02-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Normally I don't have issues with installation. With the ECS KV2 Extreme board, however, I had a couple of issues with the setup worth mentioning. First, I had a hard time installing Windows on the computer. This was later found to be a problem with the memory that I used being used in dual channel mode. In single channel memory mode either memory module worked beautifully, in Dual Channel mode, Windows wouldn't install. As the memory I used was not on ECS's certified list this memory may be the culprit.

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The second issue I had was with the included SATA drivers not being found on the driver CD. This was especially annoying on the SIS drivers not finding IDEProperty.dll on install. This required me to reinstall Windows off the VIA SATA controller. The VIA drivers were correctly found on the CD and installed without issue.

Once Windows was installed the rest of Setup was easy and straightforward. Simply insert the Drivers CD and the Auto Setup will launch installing the chipset, Ethernet, and Audio drivers automatically. This process is a lot easier than many of the other VIA based boards that require multiple drivers to be installed manually.

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EZ Flash

The layout of the ECS KV2 is a bit strange in places. The 20-pin ATX connector is near the top right hand side of the board next to 2 of the IDE connectors. This position is a bit curious as one of the IDE cables crossed over the power cable in my case. I would have preferred the 20-pin connector to be on the top near where the 5V connector lies. One other issue is the floppy connector is at the far end of the board. This makes reaching more than one floppy drive a bit of a chore, as the cable I use has nearly no slack left to attach another device.

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Personal Picture

The bundle on the ECS KV2 is rather sparse in many respects, especially on the hardware side of the ledger. Hardware wise, you get the board, 2 USB 2.0 ports via additional cable giving a grand total of 6 USB ports included with the package. One extremely nice addition to the bundle is a rounded IDE cable. This allows the computer user to have less clutter in their computer case as the cable it much more compact versus the standard IDE cables in other motherboard bundles.

Software wise the ECS KV2 Extreme comes with a lot of useful software. First up is WinCinema. WinCinema is the full software suite that includes WinDVD, WinDVD Creator and Creator Plus,and InterVideo's WinRip. PC Cillin 6 is Anti-Virus software that I use to great effect. The other included software items include Pro Magic 6.0, a restoration program, DPU which is a file restoration program, and Show Shifter which allows you to control the Multimedia features of the PC.

The BIOS on the KV2 Extreme is the standard Award BIOS that is so common in motherboard manufacturers today. There are a plethora of overclocking options including changing the voltage of the video slot, changing the memory voltage and changing the FSB is an easy manner. The BIOS supports a shutdown temperature so if your system is too hot it will automatically shut itself down.

ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review
ECS KV2 Extreme Review