Shuttle AN51R Review :: Introduction

08-10-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Even though most manufacturers have moved forward to AMD's 939 platform there is still a viable market for the Socket 754 CPU that preceded its release, and therefore the need for current motherboards supporting it. In that light Shuttle releases the AN51R, and the way the market is swaying that could pan out very well for them as AMD has recently gone from the underdog to hotdog in a few blinks of the eye. As hard as it is to believe AMD currently holds the speed record for the PC with its 754 3800+, topping the performance charts in most categories even though Intel has a faster core speed CPU available in the form of its new LGA775 3.6GHz Prescott.

Even as you read this review AMD is putting even more pressure on Intel with the release of their Sempron series of CPUs that are geared at the lower-end market, which the Celeron used to dominate. Now, not only is Intel being licked in the high-end PC market they will be taking a backseat to AMD in the lower market as well. These are strange times indeed when we see Intel being beat at their own game, on their own turf and making mistakes that they have constantly hammered AMD about correcting. AMD this year has turned my opinion about them around in a strong way as they have taken risks with their fingers crossed by going headfirst into the 64-bit environment on wings and a prayer. This risk has panned out well for them and they can actually let out a breath of air this quarter as many would be Intel users flock to their banner. Initially the 754 platform had a limited amount of boards to choose from and oddly enough the release of the new Socket 939 has only spurned the manufacturers to release more 754 boards. Let us now take a look at Shuttle's latest entry to the fray the AN51R and see if it can hold its own against the competition.

Shuttle AN51R Review Chipset