Abit AA8 Review :: Introduction

08-03-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

Everyone is getting ready for Doom III. The new 9xx platform is whispering the name of the game. The Gamers are so hyped up about the new platform; they put a hold on their budget for the completely new generation of hardware.

But the 915 chipset motherboard bug created a trust problem with the new generation Intel chipsets. It shouldn't start like this. There was a lot of blubbering about the heat issues and the installation of the LGA 775 type CPUs. These incidents will have an impact on AMD and Intel market share. Enthusiasts have paid a lot of money for their AGP Video Cards recently, and will choose to upgrade to the AMD platform too.

But when testing, I prefer to close my ears and trust my own eyes. I was really curious about the complaints and wondered about the new features like embedded hot-swap SATA function of the motherboard. So I asked for a 925 chipset motherboard to test and have got a really good one, the ABIT Duramax AA8. I was prepared for problems but it worked like a charm. If you have a really old system and want a big jump for the Doom III, check it out.