ASUS P5AD2 Premium Wireless Edition Review :: Introduction

07-28-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Well the entire 915/925X release was a bit on the bumpy side and really not ready for prime time, but nonetheless the show must go on so motherboards are being revved up for Intel's new platform. We initially tested six boards for this new platform to enable us to get a feel for them performance wise. In the platform review we only skimmed over the boards being used due to time constraints with the reviews release. Now that we have had some additional time spent working with the various products and boards, we will start looking deeper into the actual characteristics and design makeup of the individual motherboards so far used in our lab tests of the 915/925X platform. There are many new features and design upgrades in the new chipset platform as seen in our review, and if this is your first delve into the 915/925X world I suggest reading it first before searching out motherboards. ASUS was one of the first companies to have a market savvy product ready on launch day and of the two boards we have seen from them the P5DA2 Premium is a hard hitting full featured motherboard that looks good on paper and hopefully will function in real time as good as it looks.

ASUS P5AD2 Premium Wireless Edition Review