Soyo SY-P4RS350 Review :: Conclusion

07-12-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Integrated graphics is mostly very arbitrary in today's market place. ATI being the world leader in graphics technology is a good fit for quickly introducing adequate integrated graphics into motherboard chipsets. The casual gamer doesn't necessarily need the multi-gigapixel fill rates or things like Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering to play at a normal resolution. In this regard, the RS350 integrated graphics are a perfect fit as most people don't upgrade their video cards at all.

Looking at the top 10 best selling PC games for June 2004, it's clear that the SY-P4RS350 is fully capable of providing a wonderful experience in every game with the exception of Far Cry. If you want to play Far Cry I would STRONGLY recommend getting a X800 class video card to enjoy the game. The other games are all DirectX 8 based and will play with little difficulty on the integrated graphics.

ATI's new chipset expands upon their previous chipset and holds up well even to Intel's new 915G chipset. While the RADEON 9100 IGP does not support PCI Express, it is ready for moving quickly to the Socket 775 platform. I assume we'll see a integrated DirectX 9.0 core before the end of the year and the addition of PCI Express to the lineup. But that's the future.

As to the SOYO board it's a bit of a disappointment quite honestly as I was hoping the first RS350 board I tested would have the newer IXP320 South Bridge which adds integrated SATA support and 8 USB port support. Also disappointing was the bundle included with the motherboard. While many manufacturers are moving towards including SATA controllers in their motherboards, SOYO decided not to go this route.

The target market for the SY-P4RS350 is for the value conscious computer buyer and it fits that bill quite nicely.