ASUS A8V Deluxe WiFi Review :: Conclusion

06-09-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Well for starters AMD seems to be getting better and that is good news all around, and with better chipset partners, things should only get better. Last week we reviewed the new Socket 939 FX-53 and 3800+ CPUs for the AMD64 platform and both MSI and ASUS both had boards ready for the launch, albeit ASUS had the retail package and MSI just a sample board. I have been testing this board for almost a month now, and stability has never been an issue nor has compatibility as every peripheral and interchanged system part worked without error or fail. I have always liked to kick sand at Realtek's audio solutions, but the new ALC850 seems to take their chipset up a notch making their embedded solution equal or better than most inline sound solutions currently available for your PCI slot. The interface GUI is also very solid offering the user an abundance of control options for tailor making your audio environment.

Taking into consideration this is a first generation of boards for the Socket 939 platform leaves me to believe we will see other changes in the design of 939 boards as the chipset and platform mature and evolve. The board has enough features overall to please even the most discriminating tastes and the WiFi aspect is just frosting on the cake on an otherwise killer motherboard. This is one of the highest scoring boards we have seen this year due to all the bells and whistles that accompany the A8V and it makes it the grade qualifying it for an Editor's Choice Award. There is nothing other than a few design changes that I can complain about and the good most assuredly outweighs the bad here. Being first to market is always a good thing and once again ASUS came to bat first with a 939 board. Good job ASUS, I think the A8V will be a very good seller for the new Socket 939 platform. Until next time folks, see you soon!