Motherboard: ASUS K8V Deluxe Review :: Conclusion

05-04-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ASUS did a pretty good job here with the K8V, it has its good as well as bad points like any other motherboard and in the overall picture the good outweighs the bad here. The new AMD 64 series CPU's are very limited in their overclocking ability straight from the store shelves, making extreme overclocking for the common man an almost fruitless venture, and with CPU speeds increasing every day, overclocking is becoming a serious task. The reason I say this is as time advances and the platforms and CPUs evolve I see overclocking changing from a hobbyist environment to much more intense setting requiring more than just a good cooling solution.

This board qualifies for an Editor's Choice Award, it does have a few minor things I don't like, but that doesn't mean that I do not recommend it and it also shouldn't delineate the K8V's worthiness as a solid motherboard. There are many good things about the K8V when looked at in perspective, very decent overclocking features, a mostly ergonomically designed and laid out board and good support. Overclocking results were a mixed affair; I could not get the system to post with any FSB settings over 225MHz, which is okay but not a grand ordeal. Other than that, everything ran fine and without problems and left me feeling satisfied in the end game. I know that the many next generation boards are around the corner but if you want a stable fairly-overclockable motherboard for your AMD Athlon-64 CPU, this is one of the better boards to be had. You can find this board at many retailers including and so finding one will not be a problem. Overall I think most users of any genre will be satisfied with the K8V Deluxe. See ya!