Motherboard: Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 v1 Review :: Conclusion

04-27-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Features wise this board does have a lot to offer under the hood for the common user and it was the fastest P4 board we have yet tested, so it does have appeal to certain user groups. The imbedded SATA/PATA RAID features are very functional. They are also easy to configure and will please those looking to connect multiple SATA/PATA drives in their system.

Like I said before, this board is fast configured at its preset values, but fails miserably when you try to push it beyond spec. Overclocking although a feature offered on this board was something that just was not a reality on my round of tests as even the slightest increase in the memory timings or system bus speeds resulted in a no-boot situation, regardless of any voltage increases for stability.

If you are not an overclocker and just want a stable and fast board though, this board comes across very strongly and will probably suit your needs quite efficiently. This is a plug and play and leave alone motherboard, and if used in that manner it is a very fine board. Enthusiasts who want to push their system past spec, should probably look elsewhere. It is a shame really, as in all other respects the board really does well and has enough features to make it a stand out product.

In the end I must say I had mixed feelings as being an avid overclocker I was a bit disappointed, but on the other hand, once I got past its few layout flaws the board's setup went smoothly and then it ran fine through all of the tests. I will say this; if you are just looking for a stable and feature oriented board and do not give a hoot about overclocking; this is a board worthy of your attention. Not to mention tests vary as do different boards and CPU's so someone else may have better luck than me in their overclocking ventures. I cannot say I loved this board but I do like it and you may as well, until next time.