Motherboard: Abit KV8 MAX-3 Review :: Conclusion

05-19-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

The KV8-MAX3 has many things about it that I liked very much and is very enthusiast oriented, being blessed with an abundant array of feature options to fine tune your performance. Stability was never in question as the board ran fine through all our battery of tests including the stress and torture sequences making for a very stable board. Overclocking can be done without to much hassle, but the results will vary form one rig to the next depending on memory and CPU limitations. The BIOS is very user friendly and is easy to understand for the most part. If you want to push your system way past spec, the BIOS offers enough options and control that if used in conjunction with excellent cooling, should prove to be interesting at the very least not to mention fun for those so inclined.

This was one of the nicest boards for the Socket 754 platform and although AMD will be releasing a new breed of CPU I think there is still plenty of life left in this platform, and as prices do continue to drop on the Athlon 64 the appeal will grow to a much larger audience. So far three boards have really stood out as far as overall results are concerned, there is no denying the SOYO Dragon CK8 is the fastest, the ASUS was decked out in features and the ABIT follows suit being very oriented around overclocking along with excellent features. You could not do wrong to buy the ABIT KV8-MAX3 if you are planning on building a Socket 754 system or just changing boards. Thumbs up to ABIT on this one folks it performed as well or better than I expected and I expect a lot from ABIT, as we have all been spoiled by their taken for granted overclocking and system monitoring options, and just sometimes forget where it all started. Until next time my stalwart chums.