Motherboard: Soltek SL-865-GR Review :: Conclusion

04-02-2004 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The Soltek SL-865-GR is a standard 865 based board in almost every respect. Performance is right up there with other boards in this class with differences in performance accounting for less than 2% between boards of the same chipset. If you're looking for a 865 board, this might be worthy of consideration in some respects.

So what do I like about this board? It's extremely satisfying for a motherboard manufacturer to include overclocking in 1 MHz increments up to 350 MHz FSB. While I don't overclock my computer components as a rule and overclocking results can vary from motherboard to motherboard, the BIOS options that this board provides make for an excellent potential overclocking board. Stability and compatibility both were excellent with no issues in my normal extended testing of the board.

The problem with this board is it's almost impossible to find except from two sources, which I already mentioned. Soltek just doesn't have much of a retail presence in the United States at all, with their US support being taken up by the vendors. On the other hand both Newegg and Misr Corporation fully support the products they sell. Newegg's RMA department is top notch. The other thing I miss on this board is 4 or more USB ports standard. While 3 and a Firewire port is fine for the casual computer user, the inclusion of a USB cable with the package would have alleviated that concern.

The bottom line is this, waiting a few months before making a major upgrade like the motherboard may pay off in the long term. We're on the cusp of a whole new CPU Socket (LGA-775), a new form factor (BTX), a new video card interface (PCI Express) and the way computers are built today will likely completely change before the end of the year. Keep this in mind when looking to buy a computer today.