Motherboard: Abit AN7 uGuru Review :: Conclusion

12-31-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

The ABIT AN7 UGURU is the fastest board I've ever tested on the Athlon XP platform. With AMD's move to market the Athlon 64 at the under $250 price point (Athlon 64 3000+), however, and the performance leadership the Athlon 64 FX exhibits for the high end, the market for this board just isn't the same as it would have been before September of this year with the release of AMD's new architecture.

Having said that, stability, performance and compatibility with the Abit N7S UGURU is excellent, fully the fastest Athlon XP motherboard I have yet tested. There have been reports of compatibility problems on the net with some owners of this board, but I have yet to see any such behavior from this board.

Feature wise the ABIT AN7 UGURU brings everything you would want in an Athlon XP motherboard. The only negatives I see are the lack of a USB cable to bring the USB ports to a maximum of the 6 allowed by the nForce2 400 platform and the positioning of the IDE cables perpendicular to the motherboard instead of facing up as almost every other motherboard that exists today.

If you have need for a new Athlon XP motherboard, the AN7 is worthy of a close look. With the plethora of available motherboards on the market UGURU is what sets this motherboard apart. I hope you enjoyed my look at the various nForce2 motherboards I've reviewed in the recent past. I can't wait to see what the next generation Nvidia and VIA chipsets will bring to the Athlon 64 platform.