Motherboard: SOYO CK8 Dragon Plus :: Conclusion

12-08-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Let me just start by saying this, if the fastest is what you are looking for in your stock AMD 64 platform, look no further friends as currently this is so far the fastest board in its class. They have a higher end board the Dragon Platinum Edition that has more features but I cannot say how fast it is as slimmed down boards seem to just run a tad faster than there fully fleshed out fellows. In reality this board has enough features to satisfy most users and although the VIA chipset boards offered a bit more features like 8 USB ports but they were not as fast as the NF3 board so if you need 8 USB ports get the MSI, Gigabyte or ASUS board. Being factory overclocked helps a bit in keeping ahead of the pack and for those who are overclock shy this is a sure fire way to have a successful overclocking venture without even trying.

This board does not quite qualify for an Editors Choice Award due to it's slimmed down features but if ever there were' a serious wild card entry for second place this would be it as it is really a cool board overall. I personally feel this board will probably not get the attention it deserves, as it just does not have the name brand power of others in this game, but for those who do pay attention this will be a good start for any solid AMD 64 system that looks good as an added bonus. Many motherboards that function well do not look neat and have clean lines and if you never see the inside of the case that is okay but if you want to build a custom system that has visual appeal as well as functionality the CK8 fits the bill very well. If features were not the main concern, and what I mean by this is that if you can be happy with what features are being offered on the CK8 then everything else about the board is top shelf. I am using this board myself for another project so take it from there as I think the SOYO CK8 is a superb board that can stand on its own against the massing competition. Good Job SOYO!