Motherboard: Epox 4PDA2+ Review :: Introduction

09-09-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

I must say I'm impressed with what Epox has done with their 4PDA2+ motherboard. While many may prefer Asus's P4P800 or Gigabyte's GAINX boards, because of the name brand, I think I prefer what Epox has done with their board. The bundle, features, 2 Serial ATA controllers (the ICH5R and Silicon Image 3112A) makes this board an excellent bang for the buck.

Performance of the board was exemplary. For my test system to beat out the 875 based P4C800 and Intel's 875 board in Sysmark 2002 is no mean feat Beating the other available 865 boards available is also very important. Performance in the other apps that we test also exceeds the performance of the other available 865 boards as well. Dual Channel performance with 333 MHz memory is increased over the 266 MHz Memory if it was run synchronously.

I have to say I like this board. Stability and Compatibility were both excellent, with the nasty exception of the MSBlast Worm that I mentioned previously. If Epox had included the 4 port USB cable to support the full 8 USB ports that the 865 supports and the SPDIF cable that are optional accessories, this board may have gotten an even higher score. As it is, the marketplace is crowded with 865 boards from virtually every motherboard manufacturer but this is an excellent board with all of the features that one can expect from an 865 board.